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Anonymous asked:

is it true that jontron apologized on co-optional?


Yeah, about halfway (1:17:28) through the new podcast they start discussing all the shit that’s been going on and JonTron explains himself and how he hates how he’s being misrepresented as some giant misogynist when he’s not (because he isn’t, it’s just all these irrational tumblr SJWs who can only see things in black and white) and somewhere in there he mentions the whole ‘retard’ thing and how he regrets calling the guy retarded too. The podcast is over two hours long so you need like an hour free to see that main bit sorry lol.

But seriously, JonTron is a fantastic guy, and one of the most warm-hearted Youtube gaming personalities out there. Every show of his, every podcast he’s been on, all he wants to do is make people laugh, and he’s damn good at it. And as shown in this podcast he is all for women in gaming and he agrees with a whole lot of the same points as the people attacking him. He has brought joy to literally at least a million lives (going off subscriber counts here), which is a whole lot more good than practically all these people attacking him have ever done for the world other than harass people on social media. Yet just because he dares question one feminist video (which deserves criticism since it’s incredibly biased and just cherry picks things out of context) he is automatically a horrible misogynist, and because slips up with using the word ‘retard’ (which c’mon everyone uses it thoughtlessly no need to immediately accuse him of hating disabled people) everyone is throwing these personal attacks at him calling him trash and a terrible human being. And I know, people think he should have apologised straight away, but he stands his ground on his opinions, and I like that. Not to mention that of course he would become so defensive, because when someone is getting immediately attacked like that with all these vicious comments, of course they’re going to bunker down and get all defensive and fight back to try and protect themself, and as a result be much less likely to liston to what they’re being told than if it was done in a calm manner explaining why they were wrong instead of flinging all thse insults at them accusing them of being various terrible things.

In short, JonTron is a brilliant, very accepting person that just likes to stand his ground on his opinions, who is simply being misrepresented by people who don’t know him and most of which probably haven’t seen any of his stuff and just jumped on the bandwagon of SJWs who think anyone who dares question them is a misogynist/MRA, and this podcast does a good job of showing that. There are also a lot of good points from all four of them why this, and the general hyper-sensitivity of some people, is all so ridiculous anyway.


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Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home

I’m ashamed gaming community.

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